Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Director: Prof.Dr. NACİ EMRE ALTUN

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Aerospace EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
ArchaeometryM.S.(1, 2) Ph.D(4, 5)
ArchitectureM.ARCH.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
BiochemistryM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4)
BiologyM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4)
Biomedical EngineeringM.Sc(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
BiotechnologyM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Building ScienceM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Cement EngineeringM.S.(1, 2)
Chemical EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
ChemistryM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
City and Regional PlanningM.C.P.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
City PlanningM.C.P.(1) Ph.D.(4)
Civil EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Computational Design and Fabrication Techn. in Arch.M.S.(1)
Computer Education and Instructional TechnologyM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Computer EngineeringM.S.(1, 3) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Conservation of Cultural HeritageM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Data and Decision SciencesM.S.(1)
Design Research for InteractionM.S.(1)
Earth System ScienceM.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Earthquake StudiesM.Sc.(1)
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Engineering ManagementM.S.(3)
Engineering SciencesM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Environmental EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Food EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Geodetic and Geographical Information TechnologiesM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Geological EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Hydrosystems EngineeringM.S.(3)
Industrial DesignM.S.(1) Ph.D(4, 5)
Industrial EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Masters In Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Sismology (Dual MasM.S.(1)
MathematicsM.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Mathematics EducationM.Sc.(1) Ph.D(4, 5)
Mechanical Design and ManufacturingM.S.(3)
Mechanical EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Micro and NanotechnologyM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Mining EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Molecular Biology and GeneticsM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4)
Neuroscience and NeurotechnologyPh.D.(4, 5)
Occupational Health and SafetyM.S.(1, 2)
Operational ResearchM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Petroleum and Natural Gas EngineeringM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4)
PhysicsM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Polymer Science and TechnologyM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Regional PlanningM.C.P.(1) Ph.D(5)
RoboticsM.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Science EducationM.Sc.(1) Ph.D(4, 5)
Second Science and Mathematics EducationM.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Software EngineeringM.S.(3)
StatisticsM.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Structural MechanicsM.S.(3)
Urban DesignM.C.P.(1)